Day of Heroes & Martyrs

June 30, 2011 + San Francisco Style

Celebrating in Solidarity May 26, 2011

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Hi, my name is Devyn Pleasants, a San Francisco resident currently finishing up a two month Central America trip. I just got asked to throw a Fundraiser House Party by my activist friend who does amazing work at the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA). They’re advocates and organizers for the indigenous population of Guatemala who’ve been subjected to unspeakable acts of inhumanity in the past and those who are suffering today.

The Dirty War in Guatemala ran from 1960 to1966, resulted in 40,000 to 50,000 people disappearing and approximately 200,000 being killed. It’s also known that that the Guatemalan government at that time was responsible for 93% of the human rights violations committed during the war, the guerrillas for 3%. These violations included brutal massacres of entire indigenous communities, resulting in a state supported genocide in which 83% of the victims were Mayans. Today, the results are a militarized society, an unequal population and an extremely high level of impunity.

As a citizen of the United States experiencing these cultures and listening to their histories, I know I need to do more than throw a party.

I believe that everyone who wants to listen should be able to hear about the multifaceted fact that Guatemala has been struggling to “rehabilitate” itself from a period of state & internationally sponsored civil terror. I want the community to fund raise, have live performances, march, show art, hold panels, and educate people on the fact that a lot of the atrocities can be largely attributed to the United States’ involvement. People in the US are starting to wake up from the hazy age our manipulative and corrupt government created a long time ago as a means to control the way we view the world and we view our own country. Guatemala is one story out of many stories that directly involves our government as a core protagonist in innocent human destruction and where the effects of our greed are still being felt and have never been reconciled nor forgotten. Central America will always be an important story.

Since June 30th is officially Army Day in Guatemala but celebrated by survivors as the Day for Heroes and Martyrs, we would be celebrating in the name of solidarity and revolutionary change! Would you be willing to help organize and support a Celebration where funds and awareness will be raised? NISGUA has offered to provide materials, valuable resources, local NISGUA support and speakers for these events.

The Bay Area is no stranger to celebrations, no stranger to solidarity and no stranger to struggle and so the week of June 30th should be dedicated, throughout the bay, to the revolutionary resilience of the people of Guatemala.

spread with love and care. D


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